Hear from Linda about how the correct coaching changed her life:


In my 20’s and 30’s I was physically fit. I also spent a great deal more time engaging in daily workouts or sports but somewhere in my departure from my 30’s things changed. My business was more demanding causing me to spend more time at a desk, less time for activities coupled with hormone changes that naturally occur. I started to work out with a trainer hard 2x per week and got there at least 1 more time on my own and I could drop about 5lbs but it was a constant state of lose 5 and gain 5 back. I dreaded summer! I met Steve Lynch the owner of Steve Lynch Fitness who saw me working out hard. He started to plant the seed that nutrition is 80% of results and that you could not out-train a bad diet. At his suggestion I went on a 10 day organic cleanse protocol through Purium. What happened over the next 10 days (and beyond) changed my life forever! Over a 4 month period I went on 2 more cleanses and went down to my high school weight! Now I can’t wait for SUMMER! It’s not just the physical appearance, but it is the mental clarity that you get from eating right and that is what this program taught me. Staying balanced in life is a challenge – body, mind and spirit. Steve Lynch has been an inspiration in encouragement, knowledge and mentorship. Take action today and change your life forever!

-Linda K.

Here is what Dave has to say:

Steve runs a very well rounded program that focuses equal importance on both nutrition and exercise. He works with you on how to live a healthy lifestyle, not focusing solely on fitness. The workouts are challenging and rewarding. 30 minutes, 3 times a week will give you results in no time. In my first 30 days with this program, I lost 5% body fat and continue to see positive results. I would recommend Octane Fitness’s program to anyone looking to get in better shape or just looking for a fun challenge. It’s well worth it.

-Dave T.

Here is what Jeanne has to say:

**Updated picture as of 12/13/16**

I’ve been working out with Octane Fitness for 3 1/2 months. I have lost 30 pounds and 27 inches to date. I haven’t felt this good physically in many years. I feel encouraged to continue and recommend this program to anyone that wants to get fit.

-Jeanne Z.

Here is what Kaitlynn has to say:

Before starting with Steve I did go to the gym but I saw little to no results and it was never enjoyable. I’ve been working out with Steve for five months now and I feel amazing! His program doesn’t just focus on working out, it focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle. Steve provides tips on clean eating to help maximize your results. Since starting with Steve I’ve lost weight, inches, and body fat and continue to lose. I now enjoy and look forward to going to the gym. Steve and the others in our group sessions are encouraging and never let you quit! Steve’s workouts are challenging, but you feel great when you’re done! I recommend Octane Fitness to anyone who is looking to get in shape, challenge yourself, and change your lifestyle for the better!

-Kaitlynn S.

Here is what Paula has to say:

I’ve been training with Steve for almost 6 months now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started training once a week with the personal one-on-one sessions and then took on being part of the group training, with sessions being Monday-Friday (morning, afternoon, and night times available). I really enjoy the variety and challenge he puts into the sessions.
Steve is focused on helping the group and I achieve our goals and make every session challenging (& somehow fun) lol. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more push-ups, core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts (besides burpee’s haha).
He ensures that our technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He is extremely reliable & punctual, always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals. I’m really happy with my results and I enjoy watching the group achieve their weight loss goals with Steve guiding them every step of the way! Also, the prices for this level of training are unbeatable!

-Paula A.

Hear is what Jon has to say:

My experience, my journey, my transformation:
Just another detox… if that’s what you think this is then you would be mistaken. Its easy to think that though because there are so many fad detoxes & diets it makes a person’s head spin. I mean who wouldn’t’ want to look like their favorite athlete, movie star or that model you see in the pages of magazines. In today’s day and age body shaming has turned into the norm and its sad because you shouldn’t care what others think about you, but rather you should care about what you think about you.
I have done my fair share of detox and diet fads over the years and spent hours and hours in the gym only to still not be satisfied with my own body image. I have been a part of the entertainment industry for over 15 years and if you want body shaming; that’s the place to get it.
I went to the gym before Christmas and saw this detox sign hanging on the wall and for whatever reason I thought what the heck lets give this one a try, what’s the worse that could happen.
I emailed Steve and after we played some phone/email tag we were able to get some time to talk and go over what this detox actually is. Steve had such passion for this program that you could hear it in his voice and I thought either this thing was going to work or he is a fantastic salesman to get me to try this; well I can tell you that he is both. If you’re going to care about people’s well-being in life then you need to be passionate about something you know works and you also need to sell it in a world of so many fads and “guaranteed quick fixes”.
Steve then sent me some information on how to prep and a list of some groceries to purchase ahead of time so I would be ready to go for day 1. Then a day before I was to begin I came home from work and found this cardboard box sitting on my front porch. This box contained everything I needed for 10 days along with some literature to help me know what exactly I was getting into. The funny thing is on the literature there was this chart that showed the wave of emotions you would go through in 10 days and man were they right.
Now let me say this before I forget; I absolutely hated fruits and vegetables and this was a huge foundation of this for better eating. I was also drinking about a gallon of sweet tea or diet soda everyday.
I then began, and then I went through day 1, then 2, then 3 and so on till I got to day 5; that’s when my struggle moment hit. My significant other and I along with the boys went to philly for the day and I love street food, but as much as I wanted to lick a McDonalds wrapper I found on the street, she supported me and I stayed strong. Its funny because the next day Steve texted me to see how I was doing, it was like his superpower was to know I was struggling a bit. He gave me the outside support I also needed and I persevered.
Now at day 8 Steve reached out again to not only see how I was feeling and to set-up my measurements, but to see if I wanted to just do the detox and be done or if I was ready to move onto the next step of a better eating lifestyle. Now this is usually the point where I would say “Thanks, but no thanks, it was fun, but Im going back to Taco Bell.”, I found myself instead saying “Im ready to keep doing this,”. You see I found myself actually looking forward to fruits and vegetables, I found myself with more energy and feeling genuinely good about how I was feeling physically.
I went in for my measurements and I found out I lost about 12 pounds, with a 2.5% reduction in body fat. Now I knew I felt better and wanted to continue on, but the measurements were not the thing that sold me on the detox. What sold me was the before and after picture I did on day one and then day 10, that’s the point I knew this was real.
As I continue down this path for a better eating lifestyle I reflect back on it and I know I was successful for a number of reasons. The first and foremost one is that I was ready to begin the transformation journey. The second is I had a great support system at home as she would try and do meal times around when I was at the gym so as not to tempt me along with dealing with my whining, lol. The third was the outside support from Steve as he would check in on me to see how I was doing and offer tips and resources to help me. Then the fourth is the structure of the program itself because it was easy to follow and does work.
5 things I noticed after the detox and as I continue the better eating lifestyle path:
I have gone back to doing more cooking at home again, I had forgotten how much I loved to cook.
I no longer have a passenger seat in my car full of mounds and mounds of fast food wrapper trash. Seriously, my passenger side seat/floor and even sometimes the back seat looked like an episode of hoarders.
I have more money in my bank account. I now make healthy meals which will last me multiple days and instead of eating out all the time I take food with me, mainly because I enjoy the food.
Its easy to turn a “comfort food”, which usually consists of lots of sugars and bad starches, into something healthy with that same comfort feeling.
My body rejects certain foods I once loved. I love fried, fatty soaked in sauce foods, I tried it once after the detox and my body told me it wanted nothing to do with it again.

-Jon B.

Here is what John has to say:

If you are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Steve Lynch. Having sustained a number of injuries to my body, some as a result of a previous trainer’s lack of proper training, I was looking for a personal trainer who could customize a workout plan that would benefit me. Steve and I approached more of a rehab conditioning program so that I could build up strength around the joints that had been weaker in the past. We also discussed extensively a nutritional program that would help me to obtain the desired results I was looking for. Steve has provided me with an effective workout program on top of my regular exercise routine that is helping me to rise above the plateau that kept me from developing to my optimal results. In addition, Steve has helped me to become more disciplined with my nutritional intake that has helped me to become even more toned than I was before. I will continue to work with Steve as he helps me to become the best I can be. I not only consider Steve as my personal trainer but I consider him as a friend. Once again, Steve comes highly recommended.

John Kocer

Here is what Mike has to say;

My name is Mike Freer. I’m 65 years old and have been running and biking for most of my life. I started doing the group training classes in February, 2017 with Coaches Bill and Steve. I thought I was in excellent condition having done triathlons, duathlons, and running races. After taking several classes, I realized I was not in as good a shape as I thought. Since taking the classes, I have lost over 15 pounds and have become a lot stronger. My runs are faster and I am stronger riding the bicycle. The weight loss and increase in overall strength will help me in July when I will be participating in the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer, a 500+ mile bicycle ride from Conway, NH to Palmerton, PA to raise money to fight cancer. (If you would like to support me with a donation, go to PPRAC.net). Most of the classes I take are taught by Bill. He mixes things up and makes it fun. My motto is: show up, work hard, and you will see the results. I also use several of the Purium products which I feel has enhanced my general health and fitness levels. God willing, I hope to continue these group training classes for a very long time.

Check out Sam’s pics and stats:

In just over 5 month Sam lost 52 pounds, 7.5% bodyfat, and 20 inches!

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