Pack On Muscle With This Nutrition Protocol!

I wanted to put together a simple, helpful guide for guys looking to pack on some lean muscle. Follow these muscle building nutrition protocol tips to maximize your gains:

1) First thing in the morning take in roughly 20-30 grams of protein from a quality protein shake. This provides quick uptake of protein to “brake the fast” from your sleep.

2) Breakfast should be about 60 minutes later. Scramble 5-6 organic, free range eggs. You can use some healthy cheese and vegetables such as peppers and onions in your scrambled eggs. Also have 1/2 -1 cup of oatmeal (use almond or coconut milk if you prefer milk in oatmeal.)

3) Mid morning between lunch you should take in another protein shake or bar (see me for information regarding which protein supplements will suit you best) with a piece of fruit. This should also been done between lunch and dinner. Nuts (such as almonds) are also a good source of protein and healthy fat. You can also snack on veggies throughout the day.


4) Lunch should be a healthy source of protein (chicken breast, lean meat or fish) with healthy greens and veggies. Use olive oil as your dressing (this is a very healthy source of fat) and a complex carb like yams.

5) Dinner should mimic lunch (Protein, carb and vegetables)
It is okay to have beef (must be organic and grass fed). You do not have a weight concern (if you are following a muscle gaining nutrition program) and this will only provide you with more calories.

6) Before you go to bed have one more protein shake. This will provide your muscles further nutrition to feed on and also provide you with more calories.

This muscle building nutrition protocol is what I have used time and time again to add 10-15 pounds of muscle when I was going through my gain phase. I also utilize an amino acid complex known as Master Amino Pattern before and after my workouts. One last thought; your workout schedule will also provide some variation in this nutrition layout. See me for further information on how this needs to be addressed.

Set goals and make strides every day towards accomplishing them!

Bon Appétit

Coach Steve


Steve’s bio: Steve Lynch has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2002. Through his career he has owned multiple personal training and lifestyle coaching companies. He has worked with thousands of clients and helped them with designing workout programs and healthy nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to live by. Steve is a contributor for the Lehigh Valley’s largest local television news station WFMZ and conducts live segments as a fitness expert and nutrition coach.

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  1. Thank you so much for your compliment Scott. We are encouraged that you are finding the information helpful and hope that it helps you in your journey towards optimal health and fitness!

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