The 10 Commandments of Fat Loss


Through the years I have worked with thousands of clients and developed countless workouts that have led to thousands of pounds lost.

Here are 10 easy to follow tips that will help you drop those unwanted pounds:

1) Drink more water
2) Eat more meals
3) Do resistance training to increase lean muscle
4) Choose protein laden foods
5) Cut calories wisely
6) Reward yourself (such as a small piece of dark chocolate in the evening)
7) Avoid Marathon Workouts
8) Vary your workouts (mix up exercises and workout protocol)
9) Cut out alcohol
10) Take in an adequated amount of fats from foods like coconut oil, avacados, and nuts


Again this is a quick reference guide to use. Many people do not realize how hard it is to keep the original Ten Commandments, but it is. This is no different. Keep these 10 “commandments” and watch the fat melt away.

Remember getting in shape and being healthy is not rocket science. Most of it is common sense. Stick to principles like these and you will be on your way to a new and healthier you!

Coach Steve

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Steve’s Bio: Steve Lynch has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2002. Through his career he has owned multiple personal training and lifestyle coaching companies. The most recent being Octane Fitness which he founded in March of 2016. He has worked with thousands of clients and helped them with designing workout programs and healthy nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to live by. He has also trained, coached, and managed well over 100 fitness professionals. Steve has worked with existing fitness companies in a consultant role to help develop internal systems and processees to more effectively grow their business and reach more clients. Steve is a contributor for the Lehigh Valley’s largest local television news station WFMZ and conducts live segments as a fitness expert and nutrition coach.

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